Drink Deep or Taste Not – Andre Viking

Andre Viking is a Danish visual artist currently living and working in Copenhagen. He describes his work as ‘photography created in different ways to keep me exploring the medium’ and told us that he’s ‘investigating things that come from something personal but that I hope to be universal.’

He describes his ongoing project Drink Deep or Taste Not as ‘an investigation of my senses photographed in a virile manner. The photographs are made in a very intuitively way and somehow work as diary of things I’ve seen and felt a need to photograph without analysing or adjusting too much beforehand. In this way of working, with a simple pocket camera, the editing is the part of my process where I make sense and take important decisions. It’s where everything comes together, and the photographs begin to ask the questions I’m interested in as a group.

The title is inspired by Greek mythology: “A little learning is a dang’rous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring,” The Pierian spring being a metaphorical source of knowledge of art and science. I like the title because it works for me in different ways – in a sensual and straightforward way but also in a more poetic way knowing way, where the sentence is derived from.

The work is a never-ending project that I one-day hope to make into a book.’

Andre Viking‘s work appears in LYRA’s first issue, which you can buy here.