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Nikki van der Gaag on Feminism & Men

In our first issue, the feminist campaigner Nikki van der Gaag argues that men, boys especially, must be inducted into feminism if the movements success is to be ensured because

boys who witness their fathers using violence against their mothers are more likely to use violence against their partners when they grow up. At the other end of the spectrum, boys who see their fathers sharing the housework, looking after the children and being respectful towards women are likely to replicate this positive behaviour when they become adults.

This is eminently sensible, and more importantly, it’s practical too.

This isn’t the first time Nikki has written on this issue as she publish a book called Feminism and Men in 2014, which detailed how ‘we urgently need to engage men everywhere in the process, thereby allowing both women and men more freedom to pursue their full humanity, wholeness and balance. An essential text for all those engaging with development studies or any aspect of gendered education and health’.

– Jago Rackham

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Image: Ailsa Ogden, 2010. Ailsa’s illustrations appear in LYRA issue 1.