Nocturnal Wanderer - Jacob Dreyer

Jacob Dreyer’s Wanderer

In our first issue we published excerpts from an upcoming fiction project by Shanghai based author and journalist Jacob Dreyer, which explore – as all writing must, in some way – lust within the setting of the ever changing new China

A silvery garden, with all of the ingredients of languor at one’s disposal: idle talk, a cool breeze, endless leaves and stone chairs. Inside an ancient temple, drinking champagne. In the non-serious territory of summer, where one’s mind dissolves, where the question of Future ceases to exist, and the heat melts one’s body into pure presence. How delicious – it was in this time that one felt overwhelmingly animal, snarling, covered in hair. Prepared to transform at midnight, in this sacrificial space.

Jacob’s work’s relationship with China, especially the Chinese metropolis, did not start here. Last year his novella The Nocturnal Wanderer, described as

… not a novel, really. Nor … a diary. Occasionally it seems a treatise, or an exploration of the city, or of the soul of a young educated bourgeois. Sometimes it rears toward a charming, almost naïve, romanticism; sometimes to an almost painful ennui; at other times it is cynical, bitter, modern.

The book charts a fictional Jacob’s journeys through Shanghai and Beijing, his position as an outsider, and his love – occasionally amorphous, all embracing – for an ineffable ‘China’. It can be bough via Eros Press’ website, here.

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– Jago Rackham.