Birthday morning, 18 August 2014 - Jago Rackham - Polyamory

Jago Rackham on Lust, Love and Polyamory


Our editor, Jago Rackham, chose to discuss polyamory, lust and love for our first issue. Toward the end of his article he argues that a relaxed view of sex

allows us to avoid lust, if thought of as obsession toward the physical. Perhaps, it allows us to feel a purer version of love, in what for a couple of atheists is an ironically Christian sense. I have begun to think that rather than cutting out sex in order to concentrate on a higher love, one should exert control over it. Historically, the greatest exercise of this power has been seen as abstinence. Yet this, much more than any polyamorous engagement, seems to be the mark of someone who is overwhelmed. The mark of someone so consumed that control is an impossibility. After all, abstinence is more often than not the mark of an addict. Just as with wine, one knows that those with the greatest control have the largest cellar. Moreover, there’s nothing that makes one more sexually inclined than not having sex, as is evidenced in the sex lives of the ‘abstinent’ clergy.

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