LYRA Femmes – Be In Our Next Issue


Since we started the magazine, we’ve come across the most amazing women. We have encountered stories about resilience, creativity, justice, fight, brilliance, change. So we’ve decided to celebrate LYRA women by sharing their stories with the world.

We want to get to know you better, so no matter what you do or how you impact the world that surrounds you, get in touch and you could be one of our LYRA Femmes.

How to do this?


  1. It’s extremely simple – send us two paragraphs, the first a short bio (no more than 400 words), the second on why do you read/like LYRA (no more than 150 words). We need also your SM accounts, so we can tag you.
  2. Like us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram
  3. LYRA team will choose the bios to be featured on our blog
  4. LYRA team will choose the most interesting bio and interview the winning Femme for a piece in our next print issue.

Please send your bio to:

Looking forward to hearing from you.