Clare Lydon on the Orgasm Now

In the first of our series on how much has changed since the ground-breaking feminist magazine Spare Rib’s 1970s heyday, we look at the female orgasm and ask: is the orgasm still a feminist issue? Discussing this, Clare Lydon quotes a ’70s doctor saying

“The toughest problem to treat is frigidity, some say because a woman’s response is so subjective, varied and vulnerable to so many outside factors. In any case, success depends upon the goals of the patient. Some are happy to be having sex at all. Some want the moon.” 

Obviously caught between humour and anger Clare continues

Just think about it: doctors saying women wanting orgasms might as well be asking for the moon on a stick.

Which is, obviously, rather grotesque and, one would imagine, wildly outdated. Alas no, as Clare shows in the rest of her article: things have not gone as far as one might have hoped.

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