Philippa Snow on Showgirls

No one writes with more wit, bite or intellectual force about ‘celebrity culture’ (the culture) than Philippa Snow.

So, we asked her to give us an essay, and she didn’t disappoint, writing that in ’90s ‘classic’ Showgirls

the flow of cash is the flow of semen is the flow of spit is the flow of Cristal. Nobody wants to protect themselves from it there is no inoculation and, as a result, everybody got AIDS and shit. Slot machines don’t simply pay out their dollars: they ejaculate them. Money doesn’t just talk; it fucks. Prosperity is slippery is stained, shifting, fingerprinted, sweat-soaked but rarely, if ever, long-lived or immaculate. The value of money is drawn as a graph-line with endless peaks and troughs in the shapes of tits and cunts and asses and open mouths.

We first encountered Snow through an essay E.R.O.S. Journal about, well, a lot of things, including Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. Aside from contributing to various magazines and journals, she is a features editor for Modern Matter and Kilamanjaro magazines and the co-editor of the (brilliant) Hexus, a diminutive journal of experimental horror writing. The first issue of Hexus can be purchased here.