Spencer Tunick – Sea of Hull

Our first issue will feature new work by Spencer Tunick alongside an interview with Sivan Lavie, in which he offered an interesting insight into the changing relationship between nudity and sexuality in his work

the more popularity garnered and participants present, the less sexuality was present in the shoots. “I think when you move up in numbers of people who are in your work, you have to move back from the sculptural bodies of humans to encapsulate them in your frame. In the physical distance of wanting the sculpture to be bigger, you lose intimacy.

And, without intimacy, what might once have been arousing becomes something else entirely.

The release of our first issue coincides (sort-of) with Sea of Hull, a project Tunick is undertaking as part of Hull’s year as UK City of Culture. The Guardian says that participants will be ‘covered in specially formulated cosmetic body make-up [and] will position themselves in front of Tunick’s camera in multiple colours of the sea to create abstract shapes separating the body from the pavement in dramatic ways’.

It sounds beautiful, and we’re enjoying the image of Tunick ordering naked Hullensians around with a megaophone.