We’ve launched our Kickstarter!

We launched our Kickstarter yesterday, and – obviously – celebrated last night. Well, to clarify, we all stayed up – at our respective laptops – until the small hours. Still, at least one of our team popped to the pub, for one drink.

We have a couple of great ‘rewards’ on offer in the form of limited edition prints by Ailsa Ogden and Sasha Kurmaz. Alongside this, we have subscription options and tickets to our launch party! More on that to come.

But, more importantly, this marks a final stage in the creation of issue one. It’s been a long year for us, tiring, emotional, sometimes despairing, but – well, we’re here! We wanted to take this opportunity to explain why we’ve decided to use Kickstarter to run our initial print run, rather than relying on advertising. Basically,

we believe that independent voices can be stifled by the interests of advertisers and investors, especially if they have not had time to establish a recognisable voice. Just as importantly, Kickstarter allows us to receive funding and feedback from the people that matter: our readers. It keeps us close to those who we want to be involved.

So, if you’re interested in what we’re trying to do – please visit the page, if you have spare cash, please donate, and if you don’t (well, if you do too, actually) please send it to anyone who you think would be interested.

We’re going to make this happen, but we need you.