Kickstarter Video – LYRA

Though we completed our Kickstarter campaign (thank you everyone!) we feel our video presents the ideas behind LYRA so beautifully that it should be available on our blog! You can buy the first issue of LYRA here.

Our memory of shooting the video is a mixed one. On the one hand, we exceptionally lucky to work with the amazing Giorgio Bosisioon the other hand we completely melted on camera, and had to be coaxed back into making sense. By the end of our twelve hour day, in which we also filmed Irma Kurtz, we could barely speak, and were both utterly sick of, well, everything. We will never forget the hilarity of Giorgio making Jago repeat a middle-length sentence twenty or so times.

Jimmy Dabbagh – Transparent

Jimmy Dabbagh is, in his own words, a third generation kid: someone from many places. A true modern. His photographs of Lebanon appear in LYRA’s first issue, here he talks to us about identity and his upcoming project, Transparent which he describes as a ‘collaborative project with members from the Lebanese LGBTQ community’.

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Jerry Barnett On Censorship

In our first issue, the anti-censorship campaigner Jerry Barnett writes

It would seem unfair to label the British prudes, yet , the establishment in Britain has always seemed to be particularly determined to keep us far from erotica, pornography, and other instances of sexual expression. For a nation that prides itself as a global beacon of liberty, the UK has a multitude of censorship laws; a disproportionate amount of which are dedicated to keeping us all ‘safe’ from sex.

He goes on to argue that, far from simply keeping the people from sex, such laws represent – and underpin – the UK government’s large and powerful censorship machine. Earlier this week, a had a brief chat with Jerry about the issues raised in his article.

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