eve wears read, rebound

New York based artists Elliot Camarra and Guy Kozak recently finished a new short film ‘In This My Life,’ which is a sequel to their previous collaboration ‘Eve Wears Red, Rebound’.

This is an excerpt from the conversation LYRA had with Elliot and Guy:

Is our culture too much or too little obsessed with the past?
Elliot: From my experience of our culture, people seem to be more obsessed with the future than the past right now. Whether or not that’s true, there’s always a kind of magic when you find yourself to be the receiver of a set of clues to somebody else’s story.

What themes do you explore through your art and why do you use film as a medium?
Elliot: We both are interested in gender in a way that makes our work parallel. My paintings and sculptural work often consider femininity and Guy’s movies often deal with masculinity. We both approach our ideas through a kind of domestic surrealism. Guy: Film is a naturally collaborative medium. In the preparation and shooting, we’ve found that it works well as a vehicle for combining our individual aesthetics and interests. In the editing phase, where the projects really start to take shape, we assemble the footage with a joint painterly intuition that turns it into something neither of us could have anticipated.

Read the full interview with Elliot Camarra and Guy Kozak here.



LittleBird_Kickstarter_13 crowd fund

Little Bird: A Film about Women Shot by Women

LYRA, obviously, knows how useful, and liberating, it can be to crowd fund. So we’re very interested in other creative ventures that choose this path, especially if they’ve similar interests to us. We heard about the efforts of Georgia Oakley to raise funds for a short film about women shot by a completely female team, and asked Georgia to write something about the film, and her decision to rely on the crowd.

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Kickstarter Video – LYRA

Though we completed our Kickstarter campaign (thank you everyone!) we feel our video presents the ideas behind LYRA so beautifully that it should be available on our blog! You can buy the first issue of LYRA here.

Our memory of shooting the video is a mixed one. On the one hand, we exceptionally lucky to work with the amazing Giorgio Bosisioon the other hand we completely melted on camera, and had to be coaxed back into making sense. By the end of our twelve hour day, in which we also filmed Irma Kurtz, we could barely speak, and were both utterly sick of, well, everything. We will never forget the hilarity of Giorgio making Jago repeat a middle-length sentence twenty or so times.

Jean Dielman Chantal Akerman

We Miss You, Chantal

For our first issue, the poet Trisha Low wrote a wonderful, heartfelt piece on the passing of the great Chantal Akerman.

It’s 2015, not that it matters. I’m supposed to be working, but I’m distracted, my lover is supposed to meet me at home, but they’re a half hour late, messy haired and callous, because they like to make me wait. What’s the worst thing that could happen, I ask myself absently, like my Dad taught me to, years ago to calm myself. They could be dead. That wouldn’t be so bad, I think to myself, uneasily, but I know that’s not true. I check my phone because my hands feel too idle. My friend Liz has posted on tumblr – Chantal Akerman has died.

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We Lived Like Strangers

Giorgio Bosisio describes We Lived Like Strangers, which he made with the composer Daniel Kidane, as “a restless stream of conscious and seemingly unconscious images and notes, that explore the distance and interaction between the ‘I’ and the ‘Other'”. To us, it seems an exceptional homage to forgotten places and glossy memories.

Giorgio Bosisio is a filmmaker and director from Italy; he shot our Kickstarter video in March.