eve wears read, rebound

New York based artists Elliot Camarra and Guy Kozak recently finished a new short film ‘In This My Life,’ which is a sequel to their previous collaboration ‘Eve Wears Red, Rebound’.

This is an excerpt from the conversation LYRA had with Elliot and Guy:

Is our culture too much or too little obsessed with the past?
Elliot: From my experience of our culture, people seem to be more obsessed with the future than the past right now. Whether or not that’s true, there’s always a kind of magic when you find yourself to be the receiver of a set of clues to somebody else’s story.

What themes do you explore through your art and why do you use film as a medium?
Elliot: We both are interested in gender in a way that makes our work parallel. My paintings and sculptural work often consider femininity and Guy’s movies often deal with masculinity. We both approach our ideas through a kind of domestic surrealism. Guy: Film is a naturally collaborative medium. In the preparation and shooting, we’ve found that it works well as a vehicle for combining our individual aesthetics and interests. In the editing phase, where the projects really start to take shape, we assemble the footage with a joint painterly intuition that turns it into something neither of us could have anticipated.

Read the full interview with Elliot Camarra and Guy Kozak here.



Arianna Lago

  126331189488              screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-17-23-41              www-ariannalago-com

Initially, Arianna Lago trained as a composer and sound artist – look at those vibrant notes in her use of colour.

Arianna Lago is an Italian photographer based in London. Mainly using 35mm her work lets transpire emotions, effortless fragility, and a painterly organic feel. She’s both attracted by the beautiful and the odd and her aim in photography is to find a way to bring those elements together in one image. Fundamental parts of her visual lexicon are also the use of rich colour palettes, elements of surreal and nostalgia in the everyday.

See her full photo essay for LYRA’s second issue here.

Iliana Kanellopoulou’s Violent Women

Young Greek photographer Iliana Kanellopoulou says ‘guns are for women too.’ Against the backdrop of the anti-austerity protests in Athens, influenced by images of female Kurdish fighters, Iliana wants to photograph a ‘fictional feminist army’. She’s teaming up with other female photographers to create a photo-pamphlet filled with different visions of what this might look like.


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Jocelyn Allen, photographs from two projects

Jocelyn’s Allen’s self-portraiture explores, with poise, the blurred borders between self-exposure, exploration and protection. We present photos from two of her recent collections, Covering the Carpet (2014) and Amalgamated Anomalies (2014-15).  Read more

Drink Deep or Taste Not – Andre Viking

Andre Viking is a Danish visual artist currently living and working in Copenhagen. He describes his work as ‘photography created in different ways to keep me exploring the medium’ and told us that he’s ‘investigating things that come from something personal but that I hope to be universal.’

He describes his ongoing project Drink Deep or Taste Not as ‘an investigation of my senses photographed in a virile manner. The photographs are made in a very intuitively way and somehow work as diary of things I’ve seen and felt a need to photograph without analysing or adjusting too much beforehand. In this way of working, with a simple pocket camera, the editing is the part of my process where I make sense and take important decisions. It’s where everything comes together, and the photographs begin to ask the questions I’m interested in as a group.

The title is inspired by Greek mythology: “A little learning is a dang’rous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring,” The Pierian spring being a metaphorical source of knowledge of art and science. I like the title because it works for me in different ways – in a sensual and straightforward way but also in a more poetic way knowing way, where the sentence is derived from.

The work is a never-ending project that I one-day hope to make into a book.’

Andre Viking‘s work appears in LYRA’s first issue, which you can buy here.

Bezo Uznadze - photography

The Photography of Beso Uznadze

Issue 1 features the work of the London based Georgian photographer Beso Uznadze. LYRA’s editor Jago asked him some questions about the role of identity and nudity in his photography.

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Molly Parkin describes her shoot for LYRA

Molly Parkin had the best idea for her photo shoot in issue 1

… I could hurl numerous garments together, it is so easy for me, and I thought that I wanted to do something different. I don’t recoil in shock and horror when I take my make up off and after I cleaned my face. I could be like this happily in front of myself and in front of the lover or anybody. There is something moving about it, the kindness and connection in that bare face. So, let’s shoot that.

And here’s the woman herself talking about growing old, and the beauty this brings.

Photo: Molly Parkin by Anthony Lycett, who photographed Molly for us earlier this year. Check out his wonderful portraits.

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Fetish by Steph Wilson

Steph Wilson’s Fetish Photographs

Fetish; noun
1. a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.

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Spencer Tunick – Sea of Hull

Our first issue will feature new work by Spencer Tunick alongside an interview with Sivan Lavie, in which he offered an interesting insight into the changing relationship between nudity and sexuality in his work

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